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Please fill out the PROPANE order form and follow the instructions below. All guests, please ensure it has your name and lot number. This can best be done with duct tape and a sharpie label. We will auto-bill on your provided charge card, and an email receipt will be provided. Seasonal guests: Please drop your propane tank to the left of our refill station behind the WEST office. Once it is filled, it will be placed on the right-hand side for pickup. Monthly guests: We offer a once-a-week refill and delivery from your site. Make sure that your tank has your name and lot number on it. After completing the form, set your tank out by the main road by your site on WEDNESDAYS by 9 am only. A staff member will pick it up, refill it, and return it to your site.

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* Any faulty tanks or valves will not be refilled due to the danger they present. By law, all tanks must have the mandated overfill protection valve.
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