Golf Cart Rental Form

1. Camper acknowledges the cart responsibilities and rules contained herein. Golf cart was
examined by Campground Representative and Camper and received in good condition. No
authorized renters under the age of 21
2. Camper shall return the equipment to the office no later than the date and time specified or upon
demand. The equipment shall be returned in the same condition as when received –ordinary wear
3. Camper shall pay to Lessor rental fees in advance of rental.
4. Camper shall reimburse Lessor, via credit card listed at time of reservation, for all costs and
expenses for the loss of, or any damage to the golf cart or property while it is rented, including
reasonable attorney’s fee incurred by Lessor in collecting amounts owed by Camper hereunder or in
otherwise enforcing Lessor’s rights.
5. Camper shall indemnify and hold Lessor harmless from and against any and all liability, including
bodily injury and property damage, arising out of the use or operation of the golf cart by Camper or
anyone using or operating the same with Camper’s express of implied consent.
6. Camper shall abide by all rules and regulations governing the use of the golf cart and
acknowledges receipt of said rules.
7. Camper shall not assign the Rental Agreement or sublease the golf cart.
8. In the event damages are sustained to the rental Golf Cart, I have been informed that the
applicable charges will be billed to my credit card on file and authorize said charges. Camper is
responsible for all drivers of said cart and ABSOLUTELY no unlicensed drivers may operate the cart.
Speeding, reckless driving, having a cart on trails after dark or entering into unauthorized
areas are grounds for immediate repossession of cart with no refunds.
Any damages to cart or property will be charged to the provided credit card on file.
Said Camper has read, acknowledges, and accepts terms of golf cart rental

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Signed by The Retreat at Hickory Hills
Signed On: October 17, 2022

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