Cabin Rental Agreement

Hickory Hills Camp Resort

499 Dixie Hill Road

Spencer, IN 47460


I, the undersigned, do understand the following rules regarding Cabin Rental at Hickory Hills Camp Resort.


1. We understand there is a 2-day minimum and that the cabin will be used for camping uses only, cannot be used for illegal activities and will be occupied by only the individuals listed on the reservation.

2. We will observe the 11:00 pm – 8:00am quiet hours as well as all general rules and regulations of the Park. Quiet hours stipulate that any noise coming from the cabin will be kept low enough that it will not disturb any fellow campers. This includes radios, stereos, campfire conversations or any other noise or disturbances. Speed limit is 7 m.p.h. strictly enforced.

3. There will be no individuals under 21 years of age staying in the cabin unless they are a member of the extended family of the renting party.

4. No smoking allowed inside any cabins. Any smoking inside the cabin will result in an additional deodorizing fee that will be charged to your credit card.

5. There will be no consumption of alcohol by any camper, under the age of 21 years of age, as per state law.

6. Absolutely no pets are allowed in the Tiny Homes, Lake House 4 Cabin or Wood Ranch 649. Cabins 1, 2 and 3 are pet friendly with a $75.00 deposit.

7. Any damages incurred to, or items missing from, the Tiny Homes or cabins during my stay will be charged to the credit card which I have given as security for this rental. Any violations of the above conditions, are grounds for expulsion from the campground with no refund.

8. We understand the checkout time is 12:00 noon. All dishes must be washed, trash removed,  floors swept and the cabin left in a clean condition or a cleaning fee will be charged to the credit card which I have given as security for this cabin.

Cabin Rental Agreement

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