2023 Seasonal Agreement and Property Guide

Office: 765-795-6079    info@theretreatathickoryhills.com

This Agreement for Seasonal Camping is between The Retreat At Hickory Hills, 499 Dixie Hill Road, Spencer, Indiana 47460, Owen County, State of Indiana, hereafter known as                                   “ Management ” and the undersigned, Hereafter known as, “Camper” The rent fees and site number shall be consistent with previous documents. The terms of the Agreement shall be for the Camping Season 2023, commencing April 15, 2023 and ending October 15, 2023 at noon. Occasional off-season visitation shall be allowed each month on posted days. All RV rigs must be in by April 30th of any given year or within 30 days of a pro-rated season. After that date, the site is forfeited and there shall be no refunds.

  1. The Camper is legally bound to the terms of this contract for the duration of the lease. Written notice must be provided for vacating a seasonal site. THE RIG SHOULD BE THE LAST ITEM TO VACATE A SITE PERMANENTLY. Said lot is considered vacated when the camper unit and ANY PORTION of outside fixtures, including but not limited to, storage sheds, decks, fire pit/rings, tables, etc., are removed. Removal of said items shall terminate the lease as of that date. Removal of the camper only for travel purposes is not considered vacating the lot. NO refunds shall be made for vacating prior to lease termination. Any remaining lease amount shall be considered a cancellation fee.
  2. If a Camper customer wishes to sell their RV and personal property, they may list it with management. Sellers may NOT list it on their own. If you are contemplating the sale of your camper unit with your site at Hickory Hills, it must be approved and the guidelines followed in order for the site to be included. The fee is 10% of the sales price, and management handles everything including the inspection, listing sheets, showings, price verification, all contracts needed,as well as the final closing. We will list the package on our website, Facebook and a few chosen popular sales sites. There is also a $200 upfront marketing fee which will be credited back at closing. Any breach of this rule shall result in a lease termination and the site use will be terminated immediately with no refunds. A camper certainly can pull anything off property to sell on their own. All personal property offered for sale, must also be approved by management. Depending on the size, a 10% commission may be charged. No items in need of repair or with deferred maintenance, will be approved.
  3. The Lessee agrees to use the property solely for camping. Said Camper is prohibited from subletting the lot. Lot usage is limited to a maximum of 4 days weekly, plus 2 weeks of vacation time per season, unless specifically authorized by Management. Extended occupancy is available for an additional fee.
  4. Camper hereby agrees to pay for all electrical bills and other invoiced services rendered by Management, immediately upon request. Late fees shall accrue at 20% per month. Any bills unpaid for over 60 days shall have services terminated until the balance is paid in full. Seasonal campers must always maintain a charge card on file for such services OR a $500 deposit balance. Management reserves the right to terminate this entire agreement for any breach, including nonpayment. Camper agrees to pay all legal fees and filing fees if Management is required to file suit for collection of said fees.
  5. The Camper agrees to read, and all members on the site, shall comply with all current Campground Rules as currently posted in the Property Policy Guide and by signing indicates the receipt of said guide, including, but not limited to, Payment Policy, Pet Policy, Golf Cart Permitting, Guest Fee Policy, Lot Maintenance, Property Guidelines and Swimming Pool rules. Camper agrees to keep all pet’s vaccines current. Campers shall maintain liability insurance for camper(s) and golf carts(s). Liability insurance is mandatory and must be provided to Management upon request. 
  6. If the Camper violates any Park Rules or State Laws, it shall be considered a breach of this agreement and grounds for immediate removal from the property. NO REFUNDS shall be made in this case. 
  7. No picnic tables, fire rings, or portable amenities are provided unless otherwise specified. 
  8. Any personal property placed on the lot must be approved by Management, in writing. No improvements may be placed in the ground or attached to trees in any manner. All decks must be constructed above the ground in small 4-foot sections for easy removal and must submit plans for approval prior to building. All decks must be ground level and not raised. If any deck is constructed without Management’s consent, it shall be removed within ten (10) days of Management’s request. There shall be only 1 shed per site, no larger than 10x12. If any construction is placed in ground, the said construction shall be considered an attachment to the real estate and shall be considered a property fixture, an asset of The Retreat At Hickory Hills. This would apply to lakefront steps, which by nature cannot be made temporary. This construction shall require a written contract. 
  9. Fall renewal deposits are due September 1st and are late September 7th. Notices for intent to vacate are due August 1st. The lease will automatically renew if the notice to vacate is not received by August 1st of any given year. Balance payments are due by the determined payment plan chosen. Payments not received by the 7th shall incur a 20% late fee. If any personal property is abandoned, a clean-up fee will be charged, and the Camper is responsible for payment. Fall deposits will apply towards the winter storage/cancelation fees and no refunds shall be made. Any legal and/or filing fees incurred by Management to collect fees due shall be paid by the Camper.
  10. Any guest, other than the above-named Camper and family (2 adults and 3 dependent children under 18) will be subject to the established Guest Policy. There is always a 10 person per site guest occupancy limit. and includes the host. This includes up to 6 adults and 4 children maximum. All guests must register at the office prior to entry and must pay a fee or surrender a valid guest pass. The Camper is fully responsible for the guest's behavior while visiting the park. 
  11. Management, owner's or staff, shall not be liable to the Camper’s Family or guests for injury or damage, however caused, to any person on property while on the premises of The Retreat At Hickory Hills. 
  12. Management, owner's or staff shall not be liable for any property damage, however caused on property while on the premises of The Retreat At Hickory Hills. 
  13. The Camper shall leave said lot clean, orderly, and damage free, upon move out and exit from the park. The Camper is responsible for any fees to restore the lot to a move-in condition.
  14. Camper shall provide proof of ownership of their Recreational Vehicle by providing a photocopy of the title or other acceptable documentation, upon request. 
  15. Camper does hereby give the Management permission to use any photo image in which he/she or family and guest may appear for any potential advertising or marketing purposes of The Retreat At Hickory Hills. Camper allows postings of names and addresses only for social purposes such as greeting cards from management staff.
  16. The undersigned agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify, The Retreat At Hickory Hills, its employees, officers and agents for any claim arising out of any incident connected with or related to in any way to my camping experience. This includes claims for personal injury, death, property damage, and/or other types of harm or injury. I, as the undersigned, understand that this Release binds me, my spouse, and all heirs, executors, and administrators of those individuals.
  17. All parties agree Indiana Law will control any mediation, arbitration, or litigation in this matter. 
  18. All parties enter said agreement freely, without duress. The Camper acknowledges they were provided a copy of this agreement. The Camper has the right to consult legal counsel prior to entering said Seasonal Camping Agreement. 
  19. The Camper agrees that upon execution of this Seasonal Contract Agreement, NO prior balances due for rent, utilities and/or services are waived by The Retreat At Hickory Hills, by agreeing to this additional Seasonal Agreement. Management reserves the right to collect all past payments due. 



Under Indiana law, an agritourism provider is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in agritourism activities at this location if the death or injury results from the inherent risks of agritourism activity. Inherent risks of agritourism activities include risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury or death, or for other participants to act in a manner that may cause you injury or cause your death. You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity. 


Burns Ind. Code Ann.  34-31-9-12


The Retreat at Hickory Hills

Mission Statement

 The Retreat at Hickory Hills is a 300-acre RV Park focused on providing quiet enjoyment of nature while reducing the stress of everyday life.  Our goal is to provide a supporting atmosphere to step back from everyday life and foster a “drama free zone”.  All policies are based on the fair and equitable use of the property for everyone, and for all guests to conduct themselves as a considerate neighbor to all.  We expect all guests to abide by these goals and to participate with management to achieve a harmonious atmosphere. These goals include:

  • Keeping a clean and tidy site out of respect to your neighbors and the property
  • Being courteous to your neighbors by awareness of noise or behavior that might impede others’ enjoyment of the property.
  • Exercising good judgement in driving the speed limit and providing a safe space for all pedestrians, children, and wildlife.
  • Communicating any issues quickly with management with a solution-oriented attitude.
  • Fostering safety within the Park by following all guest registration rules and security gate protocol to allow management to keep the Park and our guests secure.
  • Guests agree to not gossip, complain to neighbors, or conduct themselves in a negative, drama driven manner, not conducive to relaxation for all guests.
  • Guests agree to communicate any issues quickly, clearly, and respectfully to management in an effort toward resolution.
  • It is understood The Retreat at Hickory Hills is a “for profit” business. When we raise prices, it is a market driven decision and not a personal attack against our customers. As a company, our expenses increase annually. All guests are expected to make value-based decisions on our services and their budget, without drama driven behavior.

All guests agree to maintain the above-mentioned objectives, which are conducive to our very purpose as a business. This shall become part of the seasonal lease and is therefore binding as a lease violation.


Property Guidelines

Camping site use

Your seasonal site is for one RV unit, in good condition, and less than 10 years old or approved by management. Occupants include 2 adults and 3 children under 18, living at home. You must have a guest pass for your guest. We have guest pass packages available at the office for a reasonable price. The host camper must be present while guests are on the property. ALL guests MUST be registered online at www.theretreatathickoryhills.com/elementor-2492  before entering the Park and receive a parking tag. You will meet your guest at the gate with a guest pass/parking tag and let them in with your code. Do not give the code to them. This is a State Law, and we enforce it strictly. Cars in the Park without a tag will be towed and to allow a guest into the Park unregistered is grounds for eviction. Overnight guests are limited to six adults and 4 children at one time and must stay in the Host camper’s RV. No tents are allowed on seasonal sites. The only exception is a small kiddie tent for children. Day guests are always limited to ten (10) people including the hosts.

Our Park is protected by a security gate. Every customer will be logged in with their own 4-digit code. You can NEVER give the code to anyone not on your lease. To do so is grounds for eviction. Also, never let anyone in that has not been registered. You may register at the office, via email or by phone call. We take our Park and guest safety very seriously and count on you to do your part. The gate must go down between vehicles. Never try to skate in behind another car. To do so will result in damage to the gate and your car. Fees will likely be assessed. The action also has the appearance that the driver does not have an authorized code and therefore is entering illegally. Always pay attention when entering the gate code. Drive through immediately as the return arm is on a timer. This is NOT the time to be texting, calling, or being distracted. You may not park any boats, trailers, or additional large items on the site. Short term week-end parking only, is allowed behind the West office for such items, in the grass. Do not park on gravel unless you have been authorized to do so. You may unload items at your site if it is done quickly, 10-15 minutes in time. Continual or long-term parking is available behind the office for a monthly fee. Please see the office for current fees. You have the right to use your Seasonal camping lot four days out of seven. You also have an additional two weeks of vacation time that may be used as a block or separately. Monthly camping guests are considered full time residents. Seasonal agreements date April 15th to October 15th at Noon. There MAY BE limited additional access for renewing guests each year and announced according to weather, but this is not guaranteed. All leases will auto renew September 1st of each Fall if a written notice is not given by August 1st. Upon closing for the winter, all utilities are turned off and the water is drained. You must have your camper winterized and ready for winter before posted closing, no exceptions! The gate codes are turned off and become inactive. The same codes will be reactivated in the spring when you sign your Camper Agreement. Codes will not be activated without proper lease signing and all balances paid in full. You may check on your camper occasionally, during the winter months as posted. You must email the office at Info@TheRetreatAtHickoryHills.Com for any closed season, winter needs. We do check the Park periodically for damage to campers. This inspection is done from the road and would only include what can be seen from a distance. We are primarily looking for limbs or debris that would impact the camper and cause damage. We will call or email if any damage is noted. 


Site Improvements

You may improve your site with personal property of deck, shed, approved Gazebos and plantings, if you choose. All items must be of a transportable nature and not attached to the ground. Decks must be constructed in 4-foot sections. These sections can be bolted together to assemble a desired size. All improvement plans MUST be submitted for approval (in writing) at the office before placement begins. This is an Owen County personal property tax issue and VERY important! Please check with the office for approved shed designs. IF you request permanent placement of lake side steps or items of that nature, it is permanent and will become part of the real estate and therefore owned by The Retreat at Hickory Hills. Upon vacating the Park, you will NOT take it with you. Deck sizes are capped at 12 feet in width and the length equal to your camper rig. Always place your deck with room to easily pull out your camper rig. You may find the need to pull it out for a vacation, repair and replacement for a new rig.  You may also have one (1) additional deck for a pavilion, not to exceed 14 x 14 for a 12x12 pavilion. DECKS MUST BE CONSTRUCTED FLAT with proper concrete deck paver blocks AND NOT BE RAISED OFF THE GROUND. There would then be steps up to your camper. All sheds are to be no larger than 10 x 12, must be neutral in color and limited to one (1) per site. The Village at River Pointe allows for an additional deck space, or L shape behind the RV, if desired. This is the only area for this exception, due to the large site size. All decks must have contiguous gravel under them, connected to the drive, to prevent death of vegetation and erosion.


 No fire rings or picnic tables are included in your seasonal lot rent, but you may purchase and bring in your own. Concrete blocks may not be used for anything other than RV leveling and not for site décor, deck support or in fire pits. We discourage over-graveling of the site but encourage plantings. Any artificial turf must be approved by the office and be in a neutral green or tan/ brown in color. Any gazebos must be of heavy wrought iron or cast aluminum design with neutral canvas. No PVC framing or plastic tarp coverings are allowed. No artificial flowers are allowed. No bright colored storage tarps of any type are allowed. Please use brown only.  We do not allow personal boats on the property. We do have rental boats available. You may attach your own trolling motor to the boat or use our oars, available at the office. 

Outdoor Lighting: Any outdoor lighting must be subtle and natural in style. It cannot have a high lumen count, be extremely colorful, flashing or be any character themes such as mascots, flamingos, palm trees, etc. All lights should be understated and not harsh on your neighbor’s eyes. Do not wrap lights around trees. Lights need to be off during quiet hours to allow your neighbors to sleep. 

Upkeep of the seasonal lot is YOUR responsibility. This includes grass cutting, power washing of camper, edging and weed spraying on driveways. If a lot becomes unsightly, we will tend to that lot and your account will be charged. You must plan on cutting your site weekly to be safe. You may also call us to request a service directly. We try to keep our fees reasonable and current rates are posted at the office.

We do have a leaf pick up service in the Spring and Fall, in November and March, outside of Park open season. If you wish to have your leaves picked up sooner than that, you can gather them and transport them to the leaf drop off area across from site 302. You may not burn leaves. It is also permissible to mulch them with a mower. We also have a tree trimming company on property twice a year. If you have an issue please contact the office to report it for the next tree service. We do not offer concierge service for any issues between scheduled visits. Wooded sites are inherently prone to potential damage due to storms, gravity and acts of Nature.  


Your lot must be kept clean and neat. Do not store any construction material on site under your camper or have any items other than lawn décor visible. All property, including lawnmowers, must be stored in your shed. All decks, sheds and steps must be kept in good condition. We will inspect each site monthly. Do NOT hang anything from trees, put nails or screws into trees, or tie dogs to trees. This damages the bark which is the trees’ defense system. Once damaged, they are likely to eventually die. Violation of this rule will result in a substantial fine or eviction! Please also limit the quantity of lawn décor. It is up to management discretion to rule upon any site that is overly cluttered. Clean and simple is better. 

You may desire to remove your camper unit from the lot, for an off-property vacation. That is certainly allowed. We do ask that you inform the office, so that we may be prepared for seeing a vacant lot. This is strictly a security measure, as we do monitor the Park frequently. Winter season removal or arrival may be dependent on the Park road and site conditions. The property is a clay substrate and it gets very soft with freezing and thawing, during the winter months.

Waiting List

You may, at some time, decide that you would like to move to another lot. We do have an internal waiting list for sites with wooded and lakefront views. The waiting list is based on seniority of who comes into the Park first, as well as the date they go on the list. We find this to be the fairest system of assignment. When it is your turn, you will be offered sites based on move out notices we receive. If you turn down a choice, you are not penalized. You maintain your placement until you do find a site of your liking. However, there will be only one move per year. So, if you choose to move again, you must wait until the end of the current season to go back onto the list AND pay a $500.00 transfer fee. The waiting list cut off for Fall placement is July 15 of each calendar year. This prevents someone from jumping ahead of the line when hearing that a desirable lot may become available. Anyone in arrears on rent or electric payments will be removed from the waiting list for the entire season. No lots are offered to the outside public, until ALL Hickory Hills Campers are assigned off the list first.


Water: Our park is serviced by private wells. All water access is tested by a State of Indiana approved lab. Being from a private source, the supply is limited, and conservation is important. Please make sure you do not have any leaking hoses and turn your water faucet off when you leave. Filling of kid’s pools is prohibited, as are using any slip & slide water toys. As for well water, some people like it, but some prefer to filter it with a charcoal in-line filter. We do have them available for sale at the office. Always make sure you keep your water  holding tank full. In the case of an electrical outage, beyond our control, you will still be able to have a water supply through your battery supplied water pump. If your camper has reduced water flow, please check the pressure at your outdoor faucet before contacting the office. Most times it is a clogged filter or aerator. ENTIRE Park outage should be reported immediately and usually results from someone physically damaging a line.

WIFI: We do offer free WIFI hotspots. Due to the large size of the property, not every site may have access. We do not have the capacity to allow streaming. Absolutely no movie streaming is allowed at this time. Use capacity and use sites are monitored by The Retreat at Hickory Hills. If a guest uses WIFI for illegal use or access, you will be evicted. This includes illegal movie download or access to illegal sites. As this type of behavior is attached to our IP address, we have no choice but to monitor its usage and enforce legal use. Please purchase a cell phone hotspot if you want to stream. AT&T has the best coverage for our area.

Electricity: We are serviced by South Central REMC and then sub metered through private electric meters on each site. Each meter is read monthly, and your bill is calculated by kilowatt usage. There is a monthly meter fee, in addition to actual usage, posted on your bill. Your bill is auto paid via a provided credit card between the 4th and 8th of each month. A receipt will be e mailed. A credit card must be provided for monthly auto billing for electricity, with a signed authorization. There is a $500 deposit to be placed at MOVE-IN and maintained at that level if a charge card is not provided. Any deposit balances will be returned at move out if the site is returned in move- in condition and all bills are paid. We do not mail a bill to your home address. Due to the nature of our rural location, the service may be interrupted in a manner that is beyond our control. This can occur from storm damage or car accidents far from the property. In this case, service for a few miles' radius, may be down until REMC repairs the damage. There is nothing we can do but wait. Any outages to your camper only, may be the meter or it may be your camper. Please make sure to check your breakers or fuses before placing a service call to our office. 


Camper Maintenance

As a rule, campers coming into the Park must be 10 years old or newer. We do make occasional exceptions if the unit is well maintained. It is not our intention to discriminate against older campers, but to provide a well maintained and attractive Park. Another difficult task becomes the maintenance of older campers, once they are in the Park. Older campers need a higher degree of maintenance to keep them looking good. If you have an older camper, it is your responsibility to maintain its appearance or to upgrade it with a newer unit, should the need arise. Items that we find needs special attention on older campers are scraping and painting any rust spots on the front tongue, hitch, furnace hatch door or tire rims, maintaining clean front awnings, more frequent need for power-washing and the replacement of missing or broken molding and decals. Hard plastic front covers over the propane tanks also help the appearance greatly. Any sheet vinyl products, such as spare wheel covers, or awnings must be kept in good repair or replaced. Age shows itself most readily in the form of sun and heat damage to these items. In the event a camper has been in the Park past its useful life, we may request that you consider an upgrade. In the most extreme cases, we may regrettably choose to not renew a lease due to a camper unit’s age and condition. Power washing is allowed only Monday through Thursday, for campers or decks. No power tools use is allowed on Holidays.


We want everyone in the Park to enjoy themselves, equally. We find that is best accomplished with mutual respect. We are also a family park and, in that regard, require some simple guidelines for behavior. Alcohol is acceptable, but any alcoholic beverages taken off a private site, must be concealed in a “coozy or travel mug”. Absolutely no public intoxication or driving carts or cars while intoxicated. No drug use, vulgar language, domestic conflict, or public intoxication will be tolerated and is grounds for expulsion from the Park. In that event, no refunds will be made. We do require shirts and bathing suit cover ups, in the Office and at social events. Yes, guys, this is for you too! The swimming pool requires the use of proper swimsuits. No thongs, street clothes or cut offs. The Park is a place for peace and relaxation. Any guests involved in continued behavior contrary to that, may be asked to find another Park more suitable to their behavior. We do not allow drones of any type due to guest privacy invasion. We also do not allow RC boats, cars or planes on any lakes or fields, due to noise and fishing impairment.




Your seasonal site is for one camper unit. Occupants include 2 adults and 3 dependent children under 18, living at home. There is always a 10 person per site occupancy limit. This includes the host. You must have a guest pass for your guest. We have guest pass packages available at the office. The host camper must be present while guests are on the property. ALL guests MUST be registered online at www.theretreatathickoryhills.com/elementor-2492  before entering the Park and receive a parking tag. You will meet your guest at the gate with a guest pass/parking tag and let them in with your code. Do not give the code to them. This is a State Law, and we enforce it strictly. Cars in the Park without a tag will be towed or tire locked. To allow a guest into the Park unregistered is grounds for eviction. Any possible larger group outing must be approved by management and is date and facility use dependent.

You must meet any guests at the office to allow entry and have a Parking Tag in hand. If you instruct us, we will allow in registered guests and give them a map to your lot. This is by your permission only. You must also leave a guest pass or instruct that the guest is to pay. NEVER allow anyone in the Park without registering them before entry. You may pre-register guests that may be coming in after office hours. GUESTS MAY NOT DRIVE GOLF CARTS AFTER DARK. No cart traffic between 11 pm and 8 am. We do not charge a guest fee for service calls on your camper or approved lot improvement, but they still need to be signed in. Any delivery truck or large material truck must be cleared through the office 48 hours before entry and allowed on Monday-Thursday. Any deliveries must come between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. No Holiday deliveries due to increased traffic in the Park. There is a maximum of 2 cars allowed on any camp site if there is room. Small lots may have only 1 parking site available. Therefore, guests must park behind the office. At no time may cars extend into the road or be parked in a yard. NEVER park in what appears to be an empty lot. Infraction of this rule will be met with a hefty fine.


We make every effort to make sure the Park is safe for camper residents and their property. Knowing who is on the property is crucial to that effort. The security gate is accessible by a gate code. NEVER give out either to anyone not on your lease! Also, do NOT open the gate and allow in any unregistered guests. This is a violation that will be met with immediate eviction with no fees to be returned. All vehicles must have a seasonal sticker or hang tag in the rear-view mirror or will be towed. We also frequently patrol the property. However, we cannot see everything, all the time. If you witness something suspicious, please report it immediately to the office. Even if it is after hours, an issue of security or safety is worth a late-night call. We also try to respect and maintain your privacy. We do not give out addresses or phone numbers to anyone. We also do not verify your lot number or location to anyone inquiring at the office. Any guests coming to visit must already possess that information. 


We do have increased traffic during the Holidays from both weekend campers and guests. Please be mindful of this and exercise courtesy and patience. We have additional recreational events on Holidays and therefore non-holiday guest passes are not honored. Guest fees are also higher during Holidays, primarily due to live music and planned events. We may also place a total Park limit on guests for Holidays. This will be published well in advance. Please exercise water conservation at times of high utility use. We also, on occasion, allow certain events to be open to the public. At no time is the public allowed past the security gate. All public parking is restricted to the event parking field across from the front entry. There is a charge to the public for such events. 



The Retreat at Hickory Hills offers a variety of services to make your seasonal camping experience easier. Please see the office for a current menu. Any stone delivery MUST be approved and ordered through the office. Weed spraying, grass cutting and weed eating is also available. More extensive service needs, power washing of campers and decks and warranty work is handled through an outside company. Contact information for those companies approved at the office.



We do have Firewood delivery available by the bucket or Ric (4-foot x 8-foot x 16 inches) through the office. You may bring in your own supply, HOWEVER, it must be DNR approved. This includes an approved provider with a provided letter, debarked firewood or heat processed firewood(bundled). Do not burn treated wood, trash, leaves or construction items in your fire pit at any time. Due to the Emerald Ash Borer and DNR restrictions, NO other firewood may be brought in. No Exceptions! We cannot determine the area from which outside wood comes from and whether it is from a quarantined county. Therefore, all unapproved firewood will be confiscated and burned immediately, as per DNR rules. Help us protect our Woods! 

Quiet Hour

Our quiet hour is from 11pm to 8am and is strictly enforced. Please be considerate of your voices and music, while outside or around your campfire. This does include outside lights during the same time frame. Turn off all major outdoor lights that may interfere with your neighbor’s ability to sleep. There will be limited use of BRIGHT LED running lights or awning lights. Absolutely no lighted trees, flamingos, or character displays. The ONLY time this is allowed is Halloween and Christmas in July. Those also must be turned off 11 pm to 8 am. No Cornhole play at individual sites after sunset. The noise is louder than you would think, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy a relaxing dinner and campfire time. If there is a group game desired, contact the office for a more remote location. Management reserves the right to prohibit excessively bright lights at any time. We want everyone to enjoy the park equally and believe the right to a good night’s sleep (adult or child) is as important as socializing around the campfire. Both can be fine with mutual respect. Please limit all driving after dark. There is Absolutely NO golf cart driving on trails after dusk. No joy riding after dark. It is site to site or to social activities only. Please be mindful of any excessive noise, even during the day. Loud stereos or excessive power tools may be asked to be turned down or off.


Small pets are welcome at the Park, with guidelines. There is a 2-dog limit in the Park. All pets must have a current certificate of inoculations from your veterinarian, available for request always. Dogs must be always kept on a leash and picked up after when “nature calls”. Please make sure to have baggies with you during walks. Dogs may not bark excessively or be left unattended. Extended barking will not be tolerated and will be grounds for pet expulsion from the Park. No repetitive barking is allowed from golf carts. Dogs may not be chained or tied to trees or bushes. Do not allow them to dig or damage the landscape in any way. Do not allow your dog onto anyone else’s lot for any reason without permission. Pets brought into the Park should be non-aggressive and manageable. Any vicious or unruly pets will be ejected and not allowed to return to the Park. Pets are to be kept out of play-ground areas, pool areas, shelter house, barn area, office, shower house and lakes. No type of permanent fence or dog pens are allowed. You may use a visually acceptable pen during your stay only. When leaving the Park, it must come down. Wireless invisible fence is an alternative and is allowed.


Speed Limit

The speed limit in the park ranges from 7 MPH on the main roads before the security gate to 5 MPH between lots and around the play areas. All speed limits are strictly enforced and include GOLF CARTS. Part of enjoying the beauty of the park is being able to “slow down” and relax. We have abundant wildlife, farm animals, dogs on leashes, and most importantly… children playing in the Park. Please help keep them all safe!

Golf Cart Use

We do allow golf cart use in the Park for Seasonal Campers. Overnight campers have the option of a golf cart rental. One (2-4 person) golf cart is allowed per site and must be registered at the office. Absolutely no ATVs, 4 wheelers or mule type vehicles. No 2 cycle carts. No 6 seaters or larger are allowed. No carts with any type of bed allowed. A liability insurance policy must be maintained on the golf cart. All golf carts must be maintained in a quiet, clean, and well-kept manner. This includes poor paint jobs, ripped seats, or broken equipment. No flashing lights or sirens are allowed on Golf Carts. LED running lights are permissible. Any golf operating after dusk, must have headlights and rear tail lights or reflectors. No exceptions! We do have a The Retreat at Hickory Hills numbered identification sticker for golf carts. The sticker must be attached on each side of the golf cart using a detachable plastic placard. This is to identify the individual number of each golf cart in the Park. This allows us to easily locate any driver not following the golf cart rules. All other numbers must be removed from the cart. Golf cart use is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, it may be revoked if posted rules are not followed. A second warning of an infraction will result in a one-month loss of use and a third will lose use permanently. These include driving at the posted speed limits, driving in a safe manner, no children driving, staying on established roads and trails, and staying off trails after dusk. Do not forge or cut your own trails at any time. Any damage to property or grounds will be fined to the Golf Cart owner. All drivers must be over the age of 16 and have a valid Indiana driver’s license. No golf carts are allowed on the trails after dusk. Seasonal Campsite to camp site, driving only, is allowed after dusk and on the graveled roads only. No random joyriding is allowed 11pm- 8am. There are also no" golf cart parades" allowed other than designated times on Holidays. This is considered three or more carts grouped together. This adds unnecessary traffic and noise for guests enjoying their time outside. It is the seasonal camper’s responsibility to make sure any guest drivers adhere to all rules. No guest drivers may operate a golf cart after dark. 


Please be respectful of all property, natural and man- made. “Take only your memories and leave only your footprints”. Do not throw trash on trails or disturb rocks, plants, or wildlife. Please do not allow children to throw rocks from driveways into the swimming beach or lakes. If not, soon the roads will be bare, and the lakes filled in. If the overwhelming desire to “safely” skip a rock hits, please do so at the river. The rocks there are part of the landscape and will move down steam as part of nature’s plan. Just make sure no one is in throwing distance. Nothing ruins a camping weekend, like a trip to the emergency room. 

Also, be mindful that any property that is not your own, is well… “NOT YOURS”. Do not help yourself to anything that seems harmlessly available. The area around and behind the barn is for property maintenance and completely off limits. If there is something that you need, please ask. We may have it available to be borrowed or a neighbor may be able to assist with a need. We have a great group of campers here that try to help their neighbors, BUT ASK FIRST, PLEASE! This also applies to lakefront personal decks, Property owned picnic tables and fire rings. Do not under ANY circumstances move either one from an overnight site or common area. This is considered theft and will not be tolerated. 

Trash Service: We do offer residential trash removal dumpsters and recycling drop off. We strongly encourage recycling of all types as it is good for Mother Earth. 


 We do not offer any larger trash removal such as mattresses or furniture. Please plan to take those home, or off property for disposal. We do offer LARGE metal recycling for a fee. This includes gazebo frames, metal grills and metal fire rings. Contact the office for more information. 


All children under 16 need to be attended by an adult. You may not hold seats without the guest being present. All chaise lounges require a towel cover or chaise lounge cover. DO NOT use spray sunscreen on furniture or in proximity of your neighbors. Proper swimsuits are required. No thongs, cut offs or street clothes. No rough housing, jumping, or diving. No large floaties, inner tubes or full body floats allowed. Ball throwing may be curtailed if the pool is too full and disturbing to others. Children must use swim diapers if not potty trained. No food or drink at the pool edge. ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS AT THE POOL OR DECK! There is a designated dining area provided. Full Indiana State pool laws are posted at the pool entry. High demand times may impose a 3-hour maximum time limit. This would be 10 am, 1 pm and 4pm. During busy times everyone must exit the pool with your belongings and allow for a 15-minute cleaning time. You may then re-enter at the North main entrance and the chaise lounges are first come first served. Please plan your time to experience our other social events, rent a boat, or try disc golf.


We do allow visits to the barn to see the farm animals. Please be aware of how important it is to handle animals with care and CALMNESS. You are responsible for the conduct of children and guests. In many cases this is the first opportunity for some people to pet a horse or goat or see a live chicken. This is a great opportunity for them to LEARN. An opportunity that may stay with them for the remainder of their lives. Please help encourage them to be gentle and calm. Do NOT feed any animals without permission. Animals do not respond well to loud noise, being chased or boisterous behavior. Many could respond with biting or scratching. A pleasant experience is again, based on RESPECT. Farm animals and wildlife deserve respect, also.


We do have a good variety of Wildlife on the property. Most will hide during high traffic times and come out at dusk, dark and early morning. These include deer, turkey, geese, ducks, raccoons, opossum, fox, coyotes, Bobcats and in some rare cases the possibility of Timber Wolves and Mountain Lions. Please be advised that Timber Wolves and Mountain Lions are afraid of man and do everything possible to stay away. At The Retreat at Hickory Hills, these animals may or may not frequent our woods. If we have any unusual sightings, we publish that via email immediately to protect small animals. Coyotes do howl late at night and can sound a little scary. However, they do keep their distance and we have never had a problem with any of these animals, since our opening in 1973. 

We also have a variety of snakes and reptiles. Again, just because it is a snake does not mean it is a poisonous one! We are not in an area to commonly have Cottonmouths, Rattle Snakes, or other aggressive poisonous snakes. PLEASE, do not throw rocks at, poke with sticks or kill snakes! They are part of nature too and deserving of respect. We are primarily in THEIR territory and usually they just want to get away from us. Please teach your children this lesson of respect, even for the less “cute” members of our Wildlife family. Any snake that finds his way onto your campsite or firewood pile can be “encouraged” to relocate by simply allowing him to coil onto a long stick or tool handle and be carried into the woods away from your camper. If you are just too afraid to do it yourself, Call the office and we will relocate him for you. As for relocating any other wildlife… Please don’t! Do not touch or move any babies found, the Mother will be back if there is no human scent on them. 

Rule enforcement:

 Please read and acquaint yourself with these rules. Any infractions may be met with sizable financial fines. Some may warrant a warning, but many may be fined immediately. Some may involve eviction, depending on severity. This is the only way we can maintain a quiet, safe, and attractive Park. Thank you for helping us with that goal! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the office at Info@TheRetreatatHickoryHills.com. In case of emergency dial 911 or 812-821-3706. After hours emergency calls will be forwarded to the on-call Staff. If it is urgent, they will call you back immediately. If it is routine, it will be addressed during next day business hours. Please do not interrupt via cell phone or show up at the home or site of any Staff Member enjoying their time off. 

Thank you and have a safe and enjoyable stay!


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